April 13, 2021

Army Corps of Engineers Criticized for Flood Response

“The Associated Press is reporting that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has sent a letter to the US Army Corps of Engineers, criticizing its handling of the now-flooded Missouri River.

Army Corps of Engineers Criticized for Flood Response

The letter, dated June 28th, questioned the amount of water that they let out of the Missouri River Reservoirs, implying that it may not have been enough. Another issue was a lack of communication with farmers as the flooding got worse. “”This news was delivered via the mass media with little, if any, outreach to those impacted,”" Vilsack wrote.

In response, the Army Corps stated that flows were adjusted according to the huge snowmelt upstream, but record rain in the spring was not expected.

Six counties in Iowa have been declared disaster areas – Woodbury, Harrison, Monona, Pottawattamie, Fremont and Mills. The farmers in these counties will be able to apply for federal aid. Aid may also be given to farmers in surrounding counties.

Although Vilsack is the most recent politician to question how the situation was handled, he isn’t the first. Members of Congress, particularly the Iowa delegation, have been particularly vocal.

Governor Terry Branstad, who also criticized the Army Corps, has reached out to the Governors of Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska to join him in putting together an organization of downstream states. He believes that the upstream interests are being prioritized, resulting in downstream problems such as flood damage.

In his letter, Vilsack wrote “”I am hopeful that subsequent to this disaster, the Corps will embark on a thorough evaluation of the decision-making leading up to and during the flooding to identify pitfalls and lessons learned. It would be helpful to engage the public in this process.”" While Vilsack didn’t judge the damn operations, he noted that the farmers were taken by surprise by the flooding due to no forewarning.

Army Corps spokeswoman Jasmine Chopra stated that more water than usual was released from the Missouri River dams during the fall and winter. “”The Corps fully intends to conduct a full-scale assessment of this year’s flood to determine the effects and learn where adjustment might be warranted in the future,”" said Chopra.

The Corps will be reviewing its operation, while Congress will have its own hearings. A bipartisan group of 14 senators from the Missouri River states has also requested a hearing on the Corps’ handling of the situation.

In total, more than 560,000 acres of land have been flooded, spanning seven states. 440,000 of these acres are farmland. The worst hit state is Iowa, with about one third of the flooded land, 158,000 acres of which are farmland.”

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