September 16, 2021

An Overview Of US Army Training – From Basic Training To More Advanced And Technical Training

If you are thinking of joining the military, the Army may be one of the first branches that you look into. While the Air Force is for the technically savvy and the Navy are for those with strong sea legs, the Army is home, mostly, to the ground troops of the military. These are the soldiers that often get face to face with the most combat, after all, the most basic Army personnel is the Infantryman. Of course, there are several grades of each position and there are many classes of jobs that make the Army work the way that it does. Read more about army training.

US Army Training

For each job there is a special set of skills that must be learned, but you cannot start to learn advanced skills until you get through the basics. This is much like any other thing you may have learned in your past, from sports to mathematics or language.

In fact, the very first thing that you have to do is go through Basic army skill training. The goal of this process is to get you in shape so that you can handle all of the physical demands that will be placed upon you throughout your career.

Part of the basic army skill training is also intended to teach you to focus on what is most important. In the heat of battle, you cannot afford to be distracted by thoughts of home or what you want to eat. Basic training forces you to be single-minded on the unified goal, whether it is to cross the finish line together as a team, march in a single line, or build an engine part.

Indeed, there are many jobs that are mechanical like this. There is an entire branch of the army that is dedicated strictly to ground machines like tanks, and another branch that focuses on air support, like helicopters. Your army skill training will also consist of the things you need to know if you choose to be a technician or engineer in one of these fields.

You may also learn the intimacies of espionage and strategic planning if you go into the Special Forces. These are advanced sets of skills that you can only receive if you have mastered your basic army skill training.

These skills often require a great deal of study and repetitive application. They also require immense focus and extreme physical prowess. In fact, Special Forces soldiers are often trained to be lethal weapons without carrying weapons at all!

Your army training is vital if you want to progress through the ranks too. During your career with the military you will be given many opportunities to show how well you play with the team but also how much of a leader you can be. When the time is right, your achievements will earn you higher rankings, which lead to more pay and more responsibility. You might also find that you can get other benefits like better station assignments, bonuses, and other quirky perks that might seem like nothing now, but will mean a great deal once you earn them.

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