September 16, 2021

An Overview of What is Like To Live on An US Army Base

Joining the military is not easy. While there are certainly many perks, there are also many responsibilities. It can be a good life, but it usually not an easy one. The military is not for the weak of heart or spirit, but it can provide you and your family with many things that you cannot get in the civilian world. Many of these benefits are provided as incentive to compensate for some of the hardships that you could face. Learn more about army bases and how it be like to live on the base.

For example, most people who live on army camps would probably testify that the housing provided by the military is comfortable and quaint. Depending upon where you are stationed and how old the base is, the quality of living could be extremely high.

At the same time, being able to live in such a secure location and one that is so close to the workplace are always two living arrangements that are highly coveted. Not all bases are the same, so you may feel like you’ve been downgraded if you get reassigned, but a roof is still a roof!

One of the other reasons why many people like to live on base is because many of the utilities and other expenses are covered. This means that you can also live with a high level of comfort, with a constant household temperature regardless of the climate in which you live. The Basic Housing Allowance can be applied to things like this as well as other creature comforts and even groceries or luxuries.

Of course, living on army bases also means that you will be living in a community of people who understand your way of life. For instance, it is common that one spouse is deployed while the other is at home, either alone or with the kids. Living with other military personnel brings people with similar issues together, which hopefully makes it easier to deal with. Now, this also means that you might have less privacy, but it’s usually a fair balance.

Living on base is also good because you often have access to the Commissary and Exchange services, which lets you buy your groceries and other goods often at a cheaper price than civilian stores.

Even if the prices aren’t better, you still buy it tax free, but the convenience of shopping close to home is always a big benefit. There are also many other facilities available on some bases, including a gym or fitness center, movie theater, library, post office, and even police and fire station.

At the same time, there are many air force and army bases that are in the middle of nowhere, or parts of the world where there are limited resources. This means that living on the base can be very difficult. If you are stationed at one of these bases, it is still often best to live on best in a regulated building than trying to rent in the community. In some countries, obviously, you won’t be able to do this anyway. Again, you will have to weigh out the pros and cons yourself.

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