September 16, 2021

Benefits Of Joining The US Army National Guard

High School seniors face many challenges as they approach their graduation day. Aside from the physiological and emotional changes that they are probably experiencing, they must also start to focus on the very important task of deciding what to do with their life. Many go to college while some dive directly into the work force. Others find that joining the military provides for them everything they need. Read more about the army national guard and how it works.

US Army National Guard

Indeed joining one of the Armed Forces can be a wise choice for someone who may be looking for an alternative to some of the traditional paths. Whether or not you know what kind of profession you would like to have, the Army National Guard can help you hone the skills necessary to be successful; not just in the military but in the civilian world as well. Since many terms of service are only for a few years at a time, you can reap the rewards of this training when you look for a job.

Speaking of a job, obviously, joining the Army National Guard can get you a paycheck. Whether you intend to go into college or simply want a steady income, you can start your career with the armed forces just because you think it is a good job to have.

Indeed, any of the many jobs in the armed forces can prepare you for the future. Of course, if you want to join the army, you can also use your time with the Guard to prepare you for a military career as well. In fact, many people take advantage of the flexible schedule that the Guard provides so that they can get their college education and receive their career training at the same time.

If money is really your main motivation, you may also appreciate the fact that you can get some good bonuses. These are major incentives not just for joining the military but also for taking on certain specializations. There are also bonuses available for people who choose to take on more responsibility and get promoted.

Military careers also typically have great health benefits, and it is no different with the Army National Guard. You can enjoy low-cost health coverage and even life insurance if you join the guard. Compared to full-time military service, which provides nearly free health coverage, this low-cost option is still often better than what you might find in the civilian world.

Along with health insurance you will also appreciate life insurance plans as well as competitive rates on home loans through the Veteran’s Administration. You can even invest in your future with a Federal Retirement Plan.

Enlisting with the Army National Guard can also find you enjoying some major auxiliary benefits too. For instance, you may be able to get free flights within the continental United States so that you can get to your training site or back to your university campus.

You could also enjoy simple pleasures like discounted shopping, including access to military bases; in particular, this means that you can shop at the Commissary and Exchange retailer.

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