September 16, 2021

An Overview Of The Jobs In The US Army

For some people, joining the United States Armed Forces is a very easy decision. This is an opportunity to earn a decent paycheck while also enjoying some of the best fringe benefits available in the US. There is a lot of room for growth for people who are dedicated and hard-working, but there is also a great deal of respect and responsibility at every level of employment. To learn more about the army jobs, read the rest of our information that is given in this article.

Being a soldier in the United States Armed Forces does not necessarily imply that a person has to face combat. On the contrary, there are many army career jobs that require the learning and operation of technology to aid in strategic planning, communicating with troops, and tracking potential threats. Every position is important as the Armed Forces are a unified effort with a common goal of peacekeeping.

Of course, jobs within the Infantry Field are the oldest and largest part of the United States Army combat arms. There are 4 basic Infantry jobs, but they all carry the same general responsibilities. These are the labor forces on the ground that protect the US from enemy forces during wartime and serve to keep the peace when there is no war. When you think of a soldier, this is generally the image that comes to mind.

Secondly, there are also 10 Field Artillery army career jobs. This branch of the military is responsible for neutralizing, suppressing, or countering enemy attacks using weapons of the air. This includes cannons, rockets, and missiles that are fired from the ground. They also help to assimilate air and ground forces for a more effective attack.

Next, there are the 7 enlisted specialties in Air Defense. This field involves soldiers studying and implementing the techniques and tactics that are necessary for operating an air defense system. Along with this, there are also 20 jobs that fall into the Aviation Field. These units work closely with army helicopters like the UH-60 Black Hawk, CH-47 Chinook, and the AH-64 Apache.

One of the most famous army career jobs is the Special Forces Soldier. These are commonly known as the “Green Berets” and are among the most elite tactically trained soldiers in the world. There are 6 enlisted specialties that are classified as Special Forces, all of which are extremely difficult to master; it is a great honor and privilege to serve in one of these roles.

Ground forces often need extra protection from enemy fire, which is why the Armor Branch is very important. This is the group of highly trained soldiers who man the tanks and other cavalry reconnaissance operations on the main battlefield. There are 3 specialties within this field.

Finally, there are 22 specialties listed as Engineering army jobs. The soldiers in this branch handle a great deal of the construction of military installations and other buildings throughout the country and the world. They also strive to develop civil work programs that take advantage of local natural resources. Of course, they must also offer aid on the battlefield when it is necessary.

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